Author: Divine Ngujo

From massive group efforts like the ongoing 300-artist Tubô Cebu Art Fair where was also front and center, to individual exhibitions, this one by lokal 21-year old artist Yxandro Romualdez, the post-pandemic Cebu art scene is alive and thriving. Divine Ngujo takes this first peek with photos by Raymond Palanca/Qube Gallery.



Underdeveloped & Overexposed, Yxandro’s second solo exhibit, features artworks in black and white as inspired by faded film photography. “Yxandro’s long practice of archiving photographs and other ephemera takes viewers on a journey that expresses the importance of sentiment, thus embodying a sense of universal nostalgia,” show curator Christian Ray Villanueva said. “Comparable to Marcel Proust’s masterwork, In Search of Lost Time, Yxandro utilizes art as a vehicle of preservation. As a cathartic release, rippling into the pool of our shared destiny.”



As shared destinies go, Yxandro comes from a family of creatives in the furniture industry. His grandparents are at the helm of world-class manufacturer Stonesets International and his parents, Justin and Selina Romualdez manage Obra Cebuana. His uncle is renowned furniture and industrial designer Vito Selma.



With their factories serving as the breeding ground for his ideas, Yxandro started painting seascapes and people when he was 16 years old. “I used to spend summers rummaging through the piles of used wood to find new canvases, and go to the head painter to learn how to mix colors properly.”



Distilled into the most brutally honest color combination of noir and blanc, Yxandro’s current series is a celebration of this return to the fundamental.

(Catch YXandro’s Underdeveloped & Overexposed at the Foyer of Qube Gallery in Crossroads, Banilad until September 29.)