From the newest speakeasy, to a bipolar day-to-night, to the bar across it, lokal KENDALL CAI takes us around 3 stops in 1 night!

Author: Jude Bacalso



Kendall Cai (both on IG and FB, Tiktok: @kendallcai6) is a 22-year-old social media influencer burdened with a rare condition among her peers: Honesty.

“I can’t hop from one brand to another,” she says about the pressure to constantly create content, most of it—if you are doing well for yourself—is sponsored. “Let’s say I do a review for this product now, I can’t say it’s the best and then say the same for another brand just because they sent me their stuff.”

The same can be said for her choice of where to party it up: you’ll only ever find her where she wants to be.

In our inaugural party story, Kendall plans our evening of revenge partying in the aftermath of too many lockdowns. Where’s the best pre-game, main event, and after party in Cebu’s ever-changing nightscape?


DRIP & DRAFT (Pre-Game)


WHY IT WORKS. In a place born from the love of both third-wave coffee and craft beer, you can enjoy your drip or/and draft with some seriously good food, with enough elbow room in the 200sqm eclectic seating tucked-in-one-corner of the strip mall hotspot to work or play, including a small meeting room behind the bar. In fact, pushing their concept of “from breakfast to dinner, we got you” on the landing page of their website is warranted: the transition from day to night, and easily into the after-hours, is anchored not only on your choice of drink (beer in the morning and coffee before calling it a night at 3AM? Why the heck not) but also on substantial grub, clearly not an afterthought here. In all three areas (drip, draft, eats), they got you.



#LOKALSLOVE their inclusive vibe, which plays off the idea of asynchrony: some people are coffee people, some people are beer people, some people are both. And they are all certainly welcome in this space.

LOKAL TIP “Perfect place when you just want to sit and talk and socialize with friends with a drink in your hand,” says Kendall. “Every time I’m in Drip & Draft, they already know my order and how I like my mojito extra sweet, so they would always put extra sugar syrup.”


PROOF (Main Event)


WHY IT WORKS. The narrowest quarters are where the best parties are to be had, and it bodes well that the main feature of this bar is, well, the bar. Going in slim but deep, Proof goes from casual to cozy quickly with regular seating in front to a dimly-lit couch at the back, with the bar running almost the entire length. Could the bar’s name refer to alcohol level in the drinks or the fact that you could get carded because it draws in such a young crowd? Either way, clever.



#LOKALSLOVE the inventive bartender Risty, who greets regulars by name and whips up seasonal surprises like her Pride Margarita, a tedious three-layer, jewel-hued ode to the LGBTQIA+ community.

LOKAL TIP “If you’re already down for some little crazy party then Proof Lounge is the perfect place to be,” shares Kendall. “They’re open Thursday-Saturday and they have the best RnB and Hiphop music you can definitely dance to.” And they’re right across pre-game, too!


ROOM 18 (The After Party)


WHY IT WORKS. Gen Z’s version of the Baby Boomer’s country club is not far off, and it’s a riff from an idea born in the 20s, too: there’s a well-stocked bar pouring from 8am to 3 am daily, lots of parking (in fact, it’s in a parking lot somewhere), and it’s a decidedly clique-y speakeasy. But this one comes with the bells and whistles of the New Millenia: entrance (if you’re deemed cool enough to know where it is) is by fingerprint scanner, and it is lit inside by neon cuss words and adorned with re-imagined (unapologetically bastardized?) frescoes and faces. For all its references, Room 18--interestingly enough--was coined from a classroom its founders shared. Subversive party feels, anyone?



#LOKALSLOVE that it’s not for every local. The search for it is half the adventure (we’ll clue you in: it’s at the very top of a multi-level parking space, and you have to go through a vape shop). Kindred spirits only.

LOKAL TIP “Already in the mood for more drinks with a little bit of music, next stop is definitely Room 18,” says Kendall. “This is the perfect place if you don’t really like crowded places but still want to drink and dance. Just message @room18cebu on IG for reservations.”